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Phonak Audéo™ Paradise
Digital launch kit

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1. Professional brochures

Product information booklet


Professional brochure


Personalised digital solutions brochure


Feature summary guide


Paradise feature summary guide 2021

Phonak chargers – Compatibility overview


Phonak charges compatibility overview

Order form


Phonak Product Catalogue


2. Consumer brochures

Audéo P consumer brochure (female)

(Content of female consumer brochure is identical to male brochure)

Phonak Audéo Paradise

Audéo P consumer brochure (male)

(Content of male consumer brochure is identical to female brochure)

Phonak Audéo Paradise

3. Datasheets

Datasheet Audéo P RT



Datasheet Audéo P 13T



Datasheet Audéo P 312



Datasheet Audéo P R



Datasheet – Charge & Care


Phonak charge care

4. Fast facts

Fast Facts Audéo P Dynamic Noise Cancellation


Fast Facts Audeo P Dynamic Noise Cancelation

Fast Facts Audéo P Hearing Diary 2.0


Fast Facts Audeo P Hearing Diary 2.0

Fast Facts Audéo P myPhonak app 4.0


Fast Facts Audeo P myPhonak app 4.0

Fast Facts Audéo P Overtuning


Fast Facts Audeo P Overtuning

Fast Facts Audéo P Speech Enhancer


Fast Facts Audéo P Tap Control


Fast Facts Audeo P Tap Control

5. Images

Audéo Paradise product images

6. Videos

Audéo P rotation

Mini charger case open

Mini charger case close

Audèo P Product